Product Applications

“We focus on world-wide customer experience delight through our eco-friendly products for better living.”

Export, Import & Corporate Solutions

OPM Organization is the most trusted organization for products, technology & solutions. We believe in building long term and fruitful relationships with buyers as well as suppliers across the globe. We are your partner for productivity and quality assurance needs. Conceptmart is having worldwide tie up for concept products & technologies. 

Research & Product Application

OPM is Exporter, Importer & supplyer of technology, Engineering & Lifestyle products. Our research team & professionals are involved not only in product development & its application but also social studies for the best Eco-friendly results in different corporate, industrial & professional area.


“We focus on world-wide customer experience delight through our eco-friendly products for better living.”


“We tend to provide customers with the best conceptual technologies which are harmless and make their experience delightful.

Deterrent Products

We provide the Integrated Bird & Pigeon Solutions for factories, warehouse & Industries. You may provide full information so that our Experts can get you solution for Pigeons, bats & birds in your working place without harming them.

Rat, Rodent & Pest solution with our latest Ultrasonic devices. These are the eco friemdly solutions  without any chemical. Our experts will recommend total units and ultrasonic models to be installed in your rat – rodent area.

Bird & Bats Control

Bird Control : Free evaluation of bird problem for your office, factory, food units, industries & warehouse

Monkey Deterrent

Monkey repellents device comes with ultrasonic + sonic threatening technology. The electronic instrument

Dog Control

Dog Control for factories, offices and Industry. Dogs are creating big problem for organization. Effective Ultrasonic repellent ..

Repellent Products

A range of products for corporate & interior application. Unique products, colour theme, for corporate solutions


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PRODUCT Promotions

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OPM Organization with its brands is always educating the customers. OPM was present in NIFT Mumbai, Product Promotions Exhibition & during showa 



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