Ultrasonic With Sonic Frequency Is More Effective For Pigeon Control

Sonic and ultrasonic research for pigeon problem in Industry

The ultrasonic or ultrasound is above 20 KHz of frequency. And human can not listen above 20 KHz of frequency. The best technique to respell birds would be the Sonic sound. Sonic sound is an audible sound to human and it is also for the listening spectrum of Birds and pigeons. Because this sound can disturb human we do not prefer this technique. Ultrasonic research on birds prove that sonic effect in the device is equally important.

Bird problem & Pigeon control with sonic sound

So a compromise is there between Ultrasound and the sonic bird repellent technology . The device is applied with border frequency of sonic effect and with ultrasound so that it will not disturb human. Most importantly it gives excellent result to repeal birds like pigeons and crow. Beside research conforms that the sonic sound gives powerful result for pigeon problem.

Pigeon problem research and analysis  by OPM

OPM research team did research and analysis for the New ULSO ( Sonic with ultrasound technology )  pigeon repellent device and found alarming results for pigeon problem.  Sonic sound that is from 20Hz to 20 KHz, is the threatening sound while ultrasound is creating a high non comfort zone for the small birds. Most importantly where there is industrial sound, ultrasound is not sufficient. Because the pigeon becomes habitual of the sound. A pushing sound is required to create heavy non comfort zone for the birds. With both the sound we can see a good result. Even a sonic sound for few hours a week is sufficient for bird problem.