Sonic Or Ultrasonic Bird Repellent?

Sonic and ultrasonic bird repellent. What is the better technique? Pros and cons..

Sonic sound bird repellent
  • This sound is 20 Hz to 2o KHz frequency. This sound can listened by human.
  • Sonic sound creates audible sound so it can disturb human. For example gun shot can be used to repel Birds in factories and warehouse.
  • Sonic sound is more effective then ultrasound and gives immediate result. For example you can immediately remove birds with clapping or shouting.
  • It is possible to create Soft sonic sound  that will not disturb human. e.g. sound of Eagle or owl is a natural threatening and disturbing for pigeons and crow.
  • It is easy to generate and very safe to use. e.g. the shouting or gun shot that can be used to repel birds.
  • It is almost maintenance free to drive the unwanted birds out.
  • Sonic device can cover more area as compared to Ultrasonic devices.
Ultrasonic waves for bird repellent
  • Ultrasonic is above 20 KHz . This sound can not be listened by human.
  • It  creates a non comfort zone for smaller birds like pigeon and crow.
  • The ultrasound will prevent the birds for making home. Ultrasonic bird repeller emits ultrasonic wave above 20 KHz
  • It is Eco friendly solution for repelling Birds from Factories or Warehouse.
  •  Variable frequency of ultrasound will prevent the Pest or bird from immunity factor. For example the immunity if developed, will make the birds in effective of that sound.
  • It is maintenance free.
  • It requires scientific research to study the difference range of frequency that will affect birds more.

How to repel birds and the most efficient result is the subject of research.  Ultrasonic or Sonic wave for repealing Birds. We can clearly see that Sonic sound gives immediate result for repealing birds. It is better to use combination and proper modulation and balance of Sonic + Ultrasound to repel Birds. Studies have shown that a proper and balance combination of both the sound gives better result.