Web Cleaners for Paper Industry

Web cleaning is a critical process in the modern printing and converting environment. An Electrostatics state of the art and patented web cleaner is what you need to compete in the modern narrow web and digital printing market place.




Narrow web cleaners for printing and paper industries

Many applications require a web cleaning system to insure quality in tag, label and digital printing, die cutting punching and laminating operations. Besides that Electrostatics narrow web cleaner with a high velocity fixed brush vacuum system is the most advanced. Most importantly it is most efficient cleaner available today.

Industrial Narrow style ELECTROSTATICS WEB cleanerS

With our static and anti static builds on its extensive experience designing static control products to deliver the latest technology web cleaners available. Besides that standard widths are 8″, 12″,16″, 18″, 21″& 24″. Custom sizes up to 30″ in the narrow style are available. Most importantly for systems wider than 30″ see our wide web cleaner systems.

Electrostatic inc is Manufacturer, Exporters and service provider for narrow web cleaner – worldwide.


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