Rodent Solutions

Rat, Mice & Rodent deterrent devices with ultrasonic drastic sound technology & high frequency. The ultrasonic Rodent repellent device uses ULSO technology for better and quick effect to repel rat and rodents from warehouses & factories. Ultrasonic Rodone solutions device can be used for hotels, manufacturing , food units & agriculture land as well.

Models Available

  • Rodent Repeller – Power ( For Factory, Industry & Warehouse )
  • Rat repellent Power 2X ( For Offices, Factory, Food Unit )


  • Power Supply : 220 V AC ( 9V Adapter )
  • Metallic Body
  • Frequency : 12 to 65 KHz – 70 KHz
  • Frequency selection Knob for different bandwidth frequency range
  • Drastic & Smooth mode for powerful result
  • Coverage Area : 2000 to 6000 Sq Ft


Working principle of Rodent solutions device for Warehouse, industries, offices & Factories..

Ultrasonic Rodent repellent – double Power protects your factory, warehouse, hotel, industry and factories from Rat, Rodents, Mikes and other Pests . You will not listen or feel any sound while the equipment is ON. The Ultrasonic repellent sets you free from Rats with imperceptible Ultrasound. The ultrasonic Rat repeller device uses ULSO technology for better and quick effect to repel rat and rodents.

When rat are interrupted by ultrasonic wave, they may not move immediately. They might run to the place in which there is no (or weak) ultrasound. Rat and Rodent try to hide in another place. And they search for food, mice will come out again while they are hungry.  In this way the rats reduces there activities.  So that the best way to get good result is to leave the device on continuously,  and close all doors of the room or apartment.  Therefore after installing the Rodent repellent, it will prevents mice to run to other parts of the room.

The Ultrasonic phenomenon by the Ultrasonic rodent eliminator devices

Rodents & mice will move in about 4-6 weeks time. With rodent repellers system ON,  there is no food, no enjoyment and the troubling headache causes them the place forcefully.  Therefore for how long the rat or rodents can stay there with so much trouble?  The hungry mice gradually become weak and start searching new place.  Because rat rodent and mice are forced to leave the place immediately with powerful troubling waves of rodent deterrent

Safe & easy to use

The rodent control device diffuses ultrasound at a wide range from 10 K Hz to 70 KHz. And the working frequency varies automatically through 6 different modes available in the device. The scientifically designed randomly variable frequency by the rat repellers manufacturer avoids immunity phenomenon and repels the Rats and Rodents of different species.  The rat repellent device is safe and easy to use.

The drastic sound technology

As per research there is possibility of rats & rodent becoming immune of the sound. Because The rat behavior studies have shown this these result. The drastic mode in rodent deterrent is the drastic sound generated so that  the possibility of rats & rodent getting immune is reduced. The drastic mode is able to creates confusion in the mind of rats. This ultrasound mode gives very high result for rodent deterrent. Also a touching combination of Sonic with ultrasound gives immediate result and your warehouse gets free from rodent.

Some important suggestions for Rodent eliminator &  Ultrasonic Rat repeller devices

There are some important suggestions provided by Rat repellent – Rodent deterrent device manufacturer for full result. Keep the rodent repeller device in a place from where the unidirectional ultrasound can be propagated. Initially keep the device on for 24 X 7 . It is good to give a rest of 1 day to the device in one or two months time. Because this factor destroy the immunity factor that might have developed in rats and rodents. Double X ultrasonic waves are sound wave of higher frequency and provides natural rat & rodent solutions.


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