Ionization Blower

Ionization – anti static blowers are used for industrial applications. The anti static blower is the most effective ionizer to control and remove static electricity from plastic, glass, paper and other non conductive materials. This static control blower is having the ability to cover a large area cost effectively.



Anti static blower for permanent production line installation

Model 465

The Model 465 Ultra High Ionizing Blower is  for permanent production line installation. Most importantly where the the production needs ultimate in ionization. Besides that, Variable 0-465 CFM, the anti static blower produces ionization in such copious amounts to neutralize the highest static charges.

Higher air volume in ionization blower

The higher air volume will allow the unit to keep at a proper distance. Because you can put the unit far from the area where you install the anti static. Therefore it helps in transporting the ions over a wider pattern. This blower is highly useful in Plastic processing, converting and printing Industry.

Model 320

The Model 320 or 320 IPS Blowers are designed for static control application applications where high volumes of ionized air are required to cover a large area. Producing 320 CFM, the blower can be used singly or several mounted end on end covering a wider area. The external power supply, which can run two blowers allows for a cost effective two blower installation with 640 CFM of ionized air.  The 320 IPS with it internal power supply makes for an easier install when using just one blower.

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Technical Specification
Model 465
  • 0-465 CFM
  • Internal power supply
  • Ion-Lite™ Technology
  • Power port to operate ionization bar, gun, or 320 blower
  • Largest ionization blower on the market.
  • Size:
    • 23.75″ W x 10.25″ H X 14.5″ D
    • 603mm W x 260mm x 370mm D
  • Weight:
    • 28 lbs. (13 kg)
  • Power requirements
    • 3 amps @ 120V fan at max
Model 320
  • 0-320 CFM
  • Able to be teamed with another Model 320 through a shared external power supply (PN 90010-12463) providing a 0-640 CFM ionized air flow and twice the coverage area.
  • Size:

    • 13.5″ W x 9″ H X 9.5″ D
    • 343mm W x 230 mm H x 241mm D
  • Weight:

    • 16 lbs. (7.25 kg)
  • Power requirements

    • 1.3 amps @ 120V fan at max