Ion Fresher Air Purifier

The air purifier removes odors, dust, dust mites and bacterial, chemical, pollutants from the air.

Application area of air purifier

  • Living room
  • Bed Room
  • Restaurants,
  • Offices

Plasma air purifier for office, interior, restaurant & computer rooms

Plasma is the forth state of matter after solid, liquid or gas. The atoms are ionized to significantly affect the electrical characteristics of gas. The plasma air purifier removes the dust, smoke, bacteria and chemical pollutants from the air you are breathing.

Compact Air purifier for office and home

The purifier is a compact small unit. The air purifier will improve the air quality and it will keep you healthy. Besides that we can take out the cartridge containing the dust collection panels and negative ion generator,  easily for easy cleaning. It improves the air quality in  your living are. Besides that the purifier creates a negative ion breeze with purified air. Therefore it is an important instrument for a very healthy motivating atmosphere.  where a lot of computers are

It is a economical and cost effective solution for your area. There is a LED indicator to show the proper functioning of the Instrument.



Air Ionfresher – The healthy and fresh air

Power Supplu : 220V AC / 9V DC adapter

For office & computer rooms