Bird Repellent for office

Bird scare for office, hotels, restaurant and commercial unit. The electronics bird deterrent device for pigeon and birds control at offices and commercial units with drastic concept. The ultrasonic bird scare office model protects your office, villa or building from Birds without being noticed. The ultrasound creates non comfort zone for the birds and removes them without any harm. Electronic bird scare  devices are the most effective and eco – friendly pigeon deterrent. The device is effective for pigeons, sparrow, crow, bats & other small birds


  • Power Supply : 220 V AC ( 9V Adapter )
  • Metallic Body
  • Frequency : 12 to 65 KHz
  • Frequency selection Knob for different bandwidth frequency range
  • Mode available  Drastic & Smooth for powerful result
  • Coverage Area : 2000 to 3000 Sq Ft


Ultrasonic bird repeller is an effective bird control device for offices, hotels, restaurants or villas.

Ultrasonic bird deterrent – office model is very effective for bird and pigeons at commercial places.

With the help of ultrasonic technology the bird scare office device is working effectively without disturbing human. At your commercial place or hotels you and your employees will not like to get disturbed by birds or sound. Because ultrasound is a technique to create non comfort zone for birds and pigeons they feel uncomfortable in that area where ultrasound is active.  There are different frequency selections of  automatic bands ( frequency range ) are available in the office pigeon repellent unit.

Because there is possibility that  birds can generate immunity factor among them, we are using randomly variable frequency in the bird scare model.  Most importantly variable frequency emitted by bird scare is good enough to confuse the birds or pigeons.  Because of frequency variation birds are not able to generate immunity factors among them. Pigeon scare is effective and best technique used for bird control & bird proofing in the office, hotels, commercial unit or villas.

With the experiments and studies we have learned that it may take 2 to 6 weeks time to get good result from these device. Because in places where the atmosphere noise is less e.g forest,  the birds are more active to the sound and we get immediate results. Here there is no harm to any bird. Ultrasonic Birds repellent gives only a message to the birds – please search another place this place is not good for you.

Ultrasonic Bird scare for office is an advance device with full control of different frequency range. The threatening frequency will generate in such a way that it will cause a non comfort  among the birds. Most importantly there is no harm to beautiful birds. This is the best bird control instrument for office.  Bird Trap devices is among better office pigeon control as compared to other methods.

Ultrasonic Pigeon repellent device with Drastic & Smooth Mode.

The bird scare model comes with a powerful high technology drastic mode. Sound technology is one of the best method to remove unwanted birds from your property. In cities due to heavy sound pollution the birds become immune to the sound. Normal ultrasound may not work or create sound force  to remove pigeons or birds from your commercial units or property. The latest drastic mode puts heavy sound in short period duration. This drastic sound effect combined by smooth sound effect gives high efficiency and excellent result for removing birds.  The smooth mode again avoids any immunity factor that may develop in birds. So we are sure to get good result of bird solutions over a period of time.

How to install ultrasonic bird scare device ?
  • Keep the Electronic bird scare device at a very close place where you face the bird problem. And where the birds disturbance is more for bird trap.
  • The speaker direction should be more towards the place where the birds sit.
  • The high efficiency of bird repeller office speaker gives maximum result at is at 130 degree.
  • This ultrasonic pigeon control device uses latest technology with variable modulated frequency. This avoids immunity factor that can be developed with birds over a period of time.
  • You can keep the Electronic Pigeon scare device on 24 X 7 for bird control for office.
  • The frequency mode can be changed in 2-3 months time interval to get better result.
  • Select the Drastic mode initially for few days & then smooth Mode for excellent result.