Bird Control for Factory

Bird repellent for factory & warehouse application. The Sonic with ultrasonic combo bird repeller device is highly effective for removing pigeon & other birds in factory, manufacturing units, agriculture lands & warehouses bird proofing. Combo bird repeller devices come with modulated effect of Sonic sound along with powerful Ultrasound. It creates non comfort environment for pigeons & birds for bird proofing solution in the industry.


  • Power Supply : 220 V AC ( 9V Adapter )
  • Metallic / High grade plastic Body
  • Frequency : 12 to 65 KHz & sonic sound
  • Frequency selection Knob for different bandwidth frequency range
  • Mode available  Drastic & Smooth for powerful result
  • Coverage Area : 3000 to 4000 Sq Ft


The new bird control device for factory, warehouse and agriculture land

The integrated Sonic with Ultrasonic bird repellents Device is used to Boost the power of the combo repellent. The ultrasonic repellent spread ultrasonic sound waves above 20 KHz of frequency to create a regular non comfort zone for the birds. The ultrasound is inaudible to humans that is the advantage we take while designing bird repellents. And it give the frightening scream to the Birds and make them go out. The ultrasonic bird control is creating a high non comfort zone for the birds, without disturbing human.  So the birds do not like to come and sit again at the roof or wall.

Bird deterrent combo repels birds with modulated Sonic with Ultrasound. The pigeon control combo model with 2-speakers system emits sound sonic as well as ultrasonic. Both audible and inaudible sound by the combo bird deterrent creates a powerful attacking sound so that birds are confused. Industrial Combo Bird deterrent devices help keeping birds away in the industries. The integrated Bird repeller is an effective for pigeon solutions in industry.

Working principle of Sonic birds repellent device – Industrial bird control

The Sonic Bird repellent devices use a natural predatory principle. Because Pigeon repeller device scares unwanted birds and pigeons away from your warehouse, factory or agriculture land. The built-in sensor in the sonic device can detect the movements of the birds. Because there is  powerful loudspeaker broadcasts  sonic sound or predatory calls of the hawk, falcon, eagle, and owl species, that sound  threaten the small bird.  Sonic bird repellent commonly known as bird chaser is a fully automatic bird control device to solve pigeon problems in industries & warehouse. The combo repellent with ULSO technology is most effective technique for Industrial Bird solution. 


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