Create magic with lighting

There is no denying the magical role lighting plays in transforming your home space. Exuding warmth and lending a beautiful aesthetic appeal, it lifts up the mood of the entire space. The best part? It is both decorative and practical. To know how to make the best of table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers, we rope in Namita Agrawal, Founder of Sunshine Boulevard, who shares her expertise.

-Prajna Rao

 First things first

 To start off, Namita says that it is best to decide the electricity points before you begin furnishing, especially when it comes to inbuilt lighting. Post that, you can go to the market to select what suits your home the best.

Table lamps

Bringing about an aesthetic appeal and character to rooms, table lamps make for a great accessory and are functional as well. They are usually placed on side tables, mainly in the bedroom by the bedside. Though, its placement is entirely up to you. Namita says, “Table lamps are even used it in the living room if there isn’t enough space for floor lamps.” As for the recent trend, she adds, “In the bedroom, there is a trend these days to just put it on one side of the bed instead of two.”

When it comes to selecting your table lamps, Namita suggests to keep in mind the size of your home space. If you feel that you have a constrained place, it is best to go for something that is compact and not bulky. There are a lot of options in the market today.

Floor lamps

Floor lamps instantly lifts up the mood of the space and also lends a lovely arty charm. Namita shares, “They are usually placed in the living room, enhancing its beauty.” She adds, “In villas and big houses where people have a lot of space in their bedroom, it is displayed there as well. However, floor lamps do not have to necessarily be used in only specific areas of the house.”

She suggests that you can put the floor lamp next to the sitting place, creating a snug reading nook. In smaller apartments, if you have a low bed, you can add a floor lamp next to it. This makes the place look warm and cosy. You can even display it in the TV room, if you like watching television under dim lighting.


Reminiscent of opulence and luxury, chandeliers tend to evoke a sense of awe. These days though, you have them coming in a variety of shapes and fabrics. They create an exquisite effect when placed on the ceiling right on top of the dining table and also make for a pleasant dining experience. You can use your imagination for making something unique. Namita recalls, “For one of our customers, we made these beautiful fabric bottles along the length of the table which throws light on the table.”

For something unusual, she suggests that a cluster of lights converted into a chandelier creates a beautiful effect. If you have a larger bedroom, you can place the chandelier on either side of the bed, at an angle or one side of the bed.

Fancy lights

 These days fancy lights are all the rage. Think tea light holders, candles and fairy lights. Namita shares, “Tea lights add more to the decor of the home and creates a very warm ambiance.” You can use fancy lights during festivities and also when you have guests at home. Place them on the dining table and at different corners of the house. During festivities, you can also use them around the pooja space. Fairy lights look bewitching in terraces and open spaces. You can even display them around the window.

By the end of it, the trick is to go for something that is both practical and suits your home style. Having said that, with a little bit of creativity, you can make almost everything work!