How To Use Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent ?

How to use mosquito repellent and get best result with ultrasonic device.

Suggestions for Ultrasonic Mosquito repellent device

Plug in “Ultrasonic device for mains” in the room you want to free from mosquitoes. How to get the best diffusion of the ultrasonic waves and, consequently, the best use out of device?  It is important to follow some useful suggestions:

1. It is better to switch on the ultrasonic mosquito repellent device before the evening.  So that mosquitoes does not entering the room; or it can also be left in the on position non-stop as it has a very low power consumption.

2. There should not be curtain near the socket. Besides that must not be too near to window. If you want to keep windows open – but it must face the inside part of the room to get the better result.
3. Use preferably the higher socket to use the Ultrasound device one.

4. For big rooms (with area more than 300 Square Feet) it is better to use two or more device.  The device should be  positioned in opposite direction  from each other. The same rule of putting more device is applicable for rooms with thick carpeting, tapestry, curtains or with large upholstered furniture.

The fabric components of the furniture can absorb ultrasound. This is why the above suggestions are very important. Because ultrasound can propagate properly. The defense action or mosquito repelling begins almost immediately, but it becomes stronger in course of time. This is the reason why it is important to switch on the mosquito device in advance.

For multiple rooms (for example sitting room, kitchen, and children room) we shall use a separate device.  Because the ultrasound can not cross the walls. The defense action begins almost immediately, but it becomes stronger in time. This is the reason why it is important to switch on the Device in advance.

ULTRASONIC mosquito device for mosquito is effective if it is switched on before mosquitoes come; on the contrary you will notice their effectiveness half an hour after the switching on at least, i.e. when mosquitoes have already had their ‘meal’ ……. at your own cost.

Try to imagine a person forced to enter in a room with a very high noise. At the beginning he resists, but with the passing of time he will not be able to stand it and will suffer terrible headaches, making him unable to concentrate on his work; so, if he could, he would leave the room. But if we do not force him to enter there, he even would not have tried to.
A mosquito acts in the same way when trying to enter a room full of ultrasound waves. But if when you turn on the device, the mosquitoes already are in the room, for some time they will be able to bite you. The Electronic Mosquito repellent device has very low power consumption. In the plug model consumes in 150 hours what a 60 W bulb consumes in ten minutes.