You can easily install bird deterrent combo in Factories, Industries or warehouse!

Where shall we install the sonic with ultrasonic bird deterrent combo device?

The device should be installed at a close place where the birds are sitting. So that we can get the best result. In factories it should be close to the doors and openings and at 10 to 12 ft below the shed.

At what distance we shall keep the Sonic and Ultrasonic devices

It is good to keep the Sonic & Ultrasonic device at a distance of 4 to 6 feet. Because we have to create a threshold and a non comfort zone for the birds and pests. At the same time we have to drive the pigeons and birds out of the factory or warehouse.

Is it necessary to keep Sonic and Ultrasonic device on 24 X 7 ? 

It is advised to keep the ultrasonic device on 24 X 7. But the sonic device can be kept on for 2- 3 hrs once in a week so that the threatening sound is in force . This gives better and effective result to remove birds from pigeons out from factory and warehouse.

What is the time required to remove the birds with bird repellent combo device ?

Normally it may take 4 to 8 weeks to get the results. The out side birds stops coming inside but it takes little time to drive the birds out from the shed as the birds have made home at that place. At a place where there is jungle and the birds are not immune to sound we get immediate results.
Assume if some one ask us to leave our home will we leave it immediately?

What ultrasonic frequency range we shall set in the device?

Frequency range from 18 to 30 KHz gives excellent result. It is fully automatic device with random variable frequency. Please refer to the instructions given to operate the device.

How to set up Sonic Bird repellent Device?

Put the sonic device on at Auto mode so that a periodical sound is generated. You can set the timer from 15 to 30 minutes.

Is there sonic effect in the Ultrasonic device as well ?

Yes there is sonic effect as well to give powerful result. The modulated switching frequency goes close to 18 KHz so that a powerful non comfort zone can be generated for the birds.

Install Bird Deterrent Combo