How To Choose The Best Bird Repellent !

Reflective Mirrors

Mirror reflections are used to scare the birds. Reflecting mirror is a visual bird deterrent method. The is the most cost effective method for repealing the unwanted birds. Not much technical expertise is required while using mirrors. The disadvantage of this reflective bird repeller method is its that it can be used only in open area with light.  The efficiency and results are ok. The cost factor for visual scare devices are also low. Also it may cause disturbance to working people.

Sound Blast

Sound blast is the hard sound that we will generate to remove the birds. The blast sound is like the gun sound, clapping and canon scares. This sound is generated by explosive sound devices for threatening birds. We call this sound hard sonic sound. This sound is audible to human and will disturb the working people . The sound blast gives better results. The main disadvantage of this method is heavy sound on regular interval. It causes noise pollution problem. Here the efficiency of removing birds is at medium level. The effect at the initial stage and we can expect mid range results. This method is used in industry where heavy sound is not a problem.

Sonic Devices

Birds are repel with soft sonic sound. The electronic device generates sound of Bigger birds like owl and eagle. It is a natural  predatory principal to scare unwanted birds away from your farm or garden. There is a powerful loudspeaker that will generate the sweet sound. Besides that the cost of such instrument is on little higher side. The results and efficiency observed is medium. Major application of this bird repellent method are industrial usage, orchids and agriculture. Here the bird repellent sound is not hard sound.

 Gel Method – Bird free naturally

The gel Bird deterrent method is  one of the good method and bird repellent technique with better results. We have to put the non toxic special gel at the places where birds sit. Harmless gel is put on small cup. Because it is a sticky material birds do not like to sit on it.  Also the taste of chemical is not good, therefore birds try to leave the place as soon as possible. And visual method is also there, because the gel reflect light.  Because of bad taste, visual effect and sticky sitting non comfort zone by gel birds leave the place.  This bird repellent technique is medium in cost and good in result. The only disadvantage is we have to put chemicals at every places. This method is widely used for birds and pigeon control in industries and commercial places.

Sonic and Ultrasonic Combo

We use two device for bird repellent. Ultrasonic device generates ultrasound that is not audible to human, therefore it does not disturb working people around it. Besides that soft sonic sound device that emits voice of Large birds like owl and eagle. This sound is not irritating to human .  With the two different sound we generate a threatening as well as non comfort area. This is a eco-friendly method to repel birds without harming them. The results are medium to high. The cost factor effective devices is slightly high. It can take two to six weeks time while we can observe the good result. Noise pollution problem is not there . It is like one time investment and among best bird control for Industries and factories. See Video


Similar to chemical method spikes is used as bird repellent technique.  You put spike on walls to create non sitting comfort zone for the birds and pigeon control. The spike is of nylon or of steel.  We have to put the spike at all the places where the birds sit . The result and efficiency observed with spike is medium to high. There is no noise pollution problem.  The cost observed for spike is medium to high.

Bird Netting

We put the net all around the property where the birds are sitting. Besides that this netting method gives high results and it is among very effective bird repellent methods. Because the birds do not come inside the net. The cost of Bird netting or pigeon net is high, and it is expensive. We have to compromise on the look of the property while using pigeon net, because we put the net around it.

Laser Beam

This is again a laser or light technique to repel unwanted birds. This bird deterrent method is efficient and effective to repel birds. Birds do not like laser beam ant they run away from the place . Laser beams are scaring pest birds away without sound. This pigeon control technique is very good for indoor application. And even useful for outdoor applications. The initial cost of fully automatic laser beam equipment is high. Sometimes human can also get disturbed. The results obtained with laser beam is very good.