Farmers face a big problem mainly with Birds, Animals & Rodents. Sonic & ultrasonic repellent device with combo effect is highly effective for repelling birds as well as unwanted animals. Animals can listen frequency above 20 KHz while human can not listen this ultrasound. Taking advantage of this technique we have developed this device highly effective for farmers & agriculture warehouse.

Animal Repellent for farmer
Ultrasonic Bird and Animal Repellent

A big part of food grain is destroyed by Birds , rodents and animals. This is a big loss to farmers as well as the Agriculture traders. There are two type of sound generated by this Combo bird control device.

  • Threatening sound
  • Irritating sound

for disturbing  birds and the animals without harming them. Threatening sound warns the animal and ask them to go away and the irritating sound will disturb them if they come close irritating sound will force to go away because they will not like to eat any thing as this atmosphere is very disturbing. And no one likes to enjoy the party in bad atmosphere, In the same way the birds and animal go away with the powerful ULSO sound.

You can use these devices with solar power as well, because the power consumption is very low.