Integrated techniques to ger rid of pigeons

PIGEONS ARE VERY COMMON BIRDS.. Pigeons are very common birds in cities. We can easily identify these light gray-coloured birds with green feathers around their necks. Thousands of years living with human have made pigeons very comfortable around humans. Pigeons like cities very much because they are attracted to buildings. Urban areas provides an easily … Read more

Bats are noxious because they carry bacteria and viruses

Bats are the 2nd largest order of mammal, with 1400 species worldwide. Bats are noxious because they carry bacteria and viruses along with them, which are harmful to humans. According to research, the fundamental truth about bats is that temperature is very important for them. as they look like a warm roost in the summer … Read more

Monkey Proofing Techniques

Increasing human– animal conflicts are posing enormous threat to all of the population- be it urban, rural or industrial. Specially monkeys. These nasty little animals and irritate the life out of anyone and harass for eternity. The steal food, damage clothes, litter and even hit people. No work can be done peacefully with monkeys around. … Read more

Static Control

Conceptmart – Electrostatics provides systems to control and reduce static electricity and remove all the contamination related to static electricity. The static control solution includes Static Meters, Anti Static Neutralizing bars and Ionization Blowers, Static Generating systems, Static Eliminators, Grounding Static Charges, Web cleaners and Contamination.We provide solution for Dust Control devices to control and … Read more

How To Use Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent ?

How to use mosquito repellent and get best result with ultrasonic device. Suggestions for Ultrasonic Mosquito repellent device Plug in “Ultrasonic device for mains” in the room you want to free from mosquitoes. How to get the best diffusion of the ultrasonic waves and, consequently, the best use out of device?  It is important to … Read more