Mumbai Exhinition

  Product Information Educating customers During the product launch conceptmart demonstrated the latest technology, application and the concepts. Most importantly, the fully randomly variable frequency Rat repellent and Bird repellent were the point of attraction for the customers. There was Application kit of Electrostatics products and solutions for Engineering, Industrial and general purpose. Information Sharing Customers could … Read more

Integrated techniques to ger rid of pigeons

PIGEONS ARE VERY COMMON BIRDS.. Pigeons are very common birds in cities. We can easily identify these light gray-coloured birds with green feathers around their necks. Thousands of years living with human have made pigeons very comfortable around humans. Pigeons like cities very much because they are attracted to buildings. Urban areas provides an easily … Read more

Bats are noxious because they carry bacteria and viruses

Bats are the 2nd largest order of mammal, with 1400 species worldwide. Bats are noxious because they carry bacteria and viruses along with them, which are harmful to humans. According to research, the fundamental truth about bats is that temperature is very important for them. as they look like a warm roost in the summer … Read more

Take up art to enjoy it..

“You should take up art to enjoy it…do not think of it as a commercial prospect,” Jyoti Kalra Recently awarded by Dr Harshvardhan (Central Government Minister) and S Gandhi for her services in the field of art and culture, Jyoti Kalra is no stranger to the world of arts. She is driven by the passion … Read more

Create magic with lighting

There is no denying the magical role lighting plays in transforming your home space. Exuding warmth and lending a beautiful aesthetic appeal, it lifts up the mood of the entire space. The best part? It is both decorative and practical. To know how to make the best of table lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers, we … Read more